Сreate the body of your dreams by exercising at home!
Starting May 1st

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Workouts are for you if:
  • You have long dreamed of looking at yourself with love in the mirror
  • Get back to your perfect shape
  • A classmate at a chance meeting said: "Wow, you have changed so much, beauty"
  • You have no contraindications for training (scoliosis, hernias, protrusions, problems with knee joints, osteochondrosis, pregnancy, etc. You can participate with varicose / scoliosis of the initial stage and diastasis)
How are the workouts going?
Necessary equipment for home workouts:
You need 2 bottles of water / sand (if possible, it is better to buy 2 dumbbells 2-5 kg, it is much more convenient
with them)
How are these workouts different from others?
This is a flexible training program
You can repeat it an unlimited number of times, each time your result will be better and better
Workout 2 times a week
for 45-60 minutes
We do not have daily and exhausting workouts. We train high from the state of self-love
You feel energized
after your workout
We are not looking for a quick result, but enjoy the process. Our mission is to change the way you live forever
Who leads the training?
  • Victoria. Certified fitness trainer
    She studied molecular nutrition at Sechenov University and received training in nutrition from Stanford University and Emory University

    She studied as a personal trainer at the Pedagogical College of Fitness and under the program "Master of Women's Training" at the Lyceum "Scientist Fitness"

    Accredited by the European fitness association EuropeActive (The association represents the health and fitness industry in Europe)

    Guest Lecturer at MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations)

    5 years of practice

    >10,000 girls created the body of their dreams with the Myfitback program

    Audience >200 000 on instagram @v_odd
Look at customer results:
Monthly training program
-1 month home workout program
-8 video workouts
-Bonus: video warm-up and stretching
-Access to training forever
-Start of training May 1st. Immediately after payment, you will receive a password from your personal account by email. On May 1, workouts will appear in your personal account

50 €/ month

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Frequently asked questions about training:
For all questions, write to myfitback@bk.ru

IP Mozgovaya Victoria Alexandrovna
OGRNIP 320547600009943
Email myfitback@bk.ru
Working hours: Monday-Friday from 13:00 to 16:00 from the 1st to the 21st day of the month

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